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hi folks,

this is munish, and welcome to my base-camp on the web!

aug 22, 2008 : chk out my NetVibes space

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feb 15, 2008 : Home Page updated.




People featured above:

Bryan ‘Rock’ Adams

Richard ‘Physics’ Feynman

Stephen ‘Principles’ Covey

Joseph William Turner

Tom ‘Re-Imagine’ Peters

Steve ‘Apple’ Wozniak (The REAL Nerd)

Albert Einstein

Rajat ‘McKinsey’ Gupta

Alanis ‘Ironic’ Morissette

Alan Fletcher

Steve Jobs

Richard ‘Larger than Life’ Branson

Lance ‘Live-Strong’ Armstrong

Victor Frankl

Mother Teresa

Roger ‘King’ Federer

Arundhati ‘God of Not so Small Things’ Roy

John ‘Why Georgia’ Mayer

Vincent Van Gogh

Steven ‘The Reds’ Gerrard

Herb ‘SouthWest’ Kelleher

Kimi ‘Ice-Man’ Raikkonen


Its still a very small list... and will add a lot more names very soon!