simply love books. prefer non-fiction. all time favourite would be 'seven habits of highly effective people'. while reading this book, experienced a moment which stephen covey (the author) calls an 'aha' experience. its a sudden paradigm change (if you have read this book, you'd know what i'm talking about). you can find the list of my favourite books on my bookshelf (the link is on the left).


most of the times end up reading only a part of books. works for me. anyways even if you can get just one 'idea' out of a book, it was worth anything.


magazines work too. reader's digest, top gear, time, fortune , harvard business review are some of the favourites. been a fan of reader's digest for quite a few years.


can spend (and have spent) hours at crossword. am always reminded that someone one pointed out "18) Crossword Book Store is an insult to the word 'Book Store'." (copied from the blog), but still love it.


as for online resources, can always go to Project Gutenberg for classics. these days many of the books published have their own websites (and sometimes discussion forums too). at times they provide some invalueable resources. even the websites of some authors are pretty good. you can find some such links under the resource (section on the left).


the harvard business school has an excellent website under the title harvard working knowledge. its different from the harvard business review website, and does not require any paid subscription.


knowledg at wharton is another such excellent website. its free. just need a simple sign-up.


social science research network (ssrn) is composed of a number of specialized research networks in each of the social sciences.



*the picture at the top was taken at crosswords. :)