stephen covey is the author of 'seven habits of highly effective people' and some other excellent books. fraklincovey is the company. these guys have some nice tools.

who is richard branson? if you have ever pondered over this question, check out this page. 

home page of steve wozniak.

tim sanders' official website. you can read his blog here.

this is all apple has to say about steve jobs. you might also want to check out the (fake) steve job's secret diary.

the official lance armstrong site. he is one of the persons i really admire.

tompeterscompany! if you have read tom peters, you'd know teh importance of '!'. another related website is titled 'change this'.

straight from the gut. need to say more?

this is the website of daniel goleman. author of 'emotional intelligence', 'social intelligence', 'destructive emotions' and other books.

legendary coach john wooden can be reached here. you might want to have a look at his famous 'pyramid of success'.

mousedriver chronicles.